I knew it wouldn't take long before the real estate vultures would re-appear on TV and radio telling you; how you can make big returns from real estate without using your money.  They invite you to their free event and show you how you can retire to life style that you thought you could only dream about, and it’s FREE!  Oh yes, the riches are there and you never have to use your money and they all want to share their secrets, how to make you rich in the foreclosure market, buying REO’s or catching pre-foreclosures, oh yes boys and girls, you will become rich and you will never have to use any of your money, remember, it’s FREE.  As of matter of fact, you don’t even have to have any money to do this; they will show you everything you need to know, how you can buy real estate and sell it quickly for huge profits and it won’t cost you a penny of your own money!  They even have people who attended their event who will testify of the huge profits they made shortly after attending their course and you too can do this; you never have to use your money to purchase real estate.  They want you to believe you can buy real estate wholesale, sell it wholesale and make huge returns and all without using a Realtor.  You never have to do repairs or you can do the repairs and never use your own money because there are contractors out there, who are more than willing, to invest in your idea so you can become rich beyond your wildest dreams and it’s all FREE!  So are you excited now?  Are you willing to learn the secrets of buying real estate without using a Realtor and never using a penny of your own money?  If you choose to do this right now, the first 200 people to RSVP for this event will receive a new camera, a thumb drive, and qualify for an I-pad and it’s all FREE!   FREEEEEEEEE!  To fill you in on what you may have seen on those late night paid advertisements is called “Hawking”.  It’s the same stuff that carnies have been doing for years. PT Barnum mentioned something about one being born every…
  I attended one of those FREE seminars recently, just to see what the hook was.  Oh yes, there was an young attractive man touting his success in real estate, after being told to move out of his fathers basement, get a job and make something of his life.  It was all a hard sell. If you chose not to “BUY” their training videos and a three day conference on how to buy real estate and never use your money, you were a know-it-all and didn't deserve the training or the money we could have made.
  They spoke of how you could buy real estate using Government grants that you could apply for, (that’s all “FREE MONEY”), but it might be money better spent if you hired a professional grant writer to write your grant; that typically cost around $3500 and there is no guarantee that you will be granted FREE MONEY.
To get all the CD’s and attend the three day training seminar was around $1200, and they would assist you for up to six months after the training.  There is just a few things they failed to mention; the cost of doing a title search to insure the property could be sold because of liens, or encroachments and you will never have to spend a penny of your own money to buy real estate because it’s FREE!
  Were you aware, banks are almost willing to give you REO property to sell so they don’t have to carry the bad debt on their books?  The Company would also furnish you with current lists of investors and buyers from Canada and China, coming to the US to buy all our real estate because they have all the cash.
 How could there possibly be any risk in this program?  They would even fund your deals at 2% plus a $495 fee paid out of closing, so you never have to use your money because it’s all FREE!  Well folks, any savvy investor will know how to screw over an inexperienced real estate investor and nothing is free.  We had the opportunity to chat with a couple who had attended another “Get Rich in Real Estate by Flipping” seminar and they found out afterwards, they were ill prepared to start flipping houses.  We sat down with them, for free, for about an hour and covered what they should do with the property they were thinking about flipping or renting.  They were embarrassed about all the hard earned money they had just spent, to attend the seminar, which promised them riches beyond their wildest dreams when there was experienced Realtors/Investors/General Contractor willing to educate them for FREE!  A solid real estate investment plan starts out with goals and a solid business plan.  Evaluate you business plan regularly and focus on a “1 year, 3 year, 5 year and 10 year business plan”, which you evaluate regularly as you business grows. If you want to learn about Real Estate Investment, Flipping, rentals or buying real estate tax certificate,s contact us.  We have been investing in real estate, long before we became Realtors or owned a Real Estate Company and we will share the information and our experiences with you for FREE.  Hopefully, we will earn your trust and you will use our services so you can buy, sell or let us manage your real estate portfolio. And no, we don’t work for FREE.  We charge commissions for our services to market, assist you with your purchase and manage your real estate, and no, I will not remodel your flipper house out of my pocket so you can become rich beyond your wildest dreams.
If you would like to sit down with us to see if we can help you work your plan, contact us.