Being a working broker and managing the operations of a real estate company wouldn’t be complete without the assistance of a dedicated staff of agents, administration, and a general contractor husband, who help relieve the pressures of real estate sales and property management. The real excitement of sales comes when you receive a contract on one of your listings, and it is even more of a relief when the listing, which has been a challenge from the beginning, becomes executed and is set for inspections. 

I had all the emotions come down to that this week when a contract was presented on a home I have had listed for a while, which involved a marital dissolution, deferred maintenance, pets on site, and grown children.  With the opportunity to have a home inspection completed while everybody was going to be out of town for the weekend, I would be able to open the property and allow the inspector to do his job, and head to the office and catch up on a few things, or so I thought. Upon arriving at the property and meeting the inspector, we chatted for a moment and headed to the front door only to find water pouring out.  As we entered the home, the inspector followed the stream to the master bathroom, found the toilet over-flowing, shut the water off, and said he would continue his inspection.  Now what to do?  Let’s see… I contacted one of the owners who was in Georgia and couldn’t come back to resolve the problem.  I tried calling the other party, only to get voice mail, (its scallop season and they were on the water).  Without hesitation, I called my husband and told him what the problem was and he jumped into action.  Since he has a commercial extractor, he loaded it into his truck and headed to the property.  After moving the furniture out of the saturated area and sucking as much water out of the carpet and padding as he could, the owner finally contacted me and I advised him of what was going on and he felt we had matters in hand and would be back the next day. 

  I can only imagine what the home inspectors report will look like but the best thing is, we caught the problem and resolved it without great expense to our customer.  So here’s to another day in real estate and doing what I get paid to do; taking care of my customers.